New cream cookies in the market

CREAM CRACKER is almost a common childhood memory of people all over the world. In the childhood memory of China, who was born in the 1990s, SHANTOU KADYA cookies became the most delicious childhood memento, accompanied by generations of growth. Classic packaging, long-lost taste and familiar taste are irreplaceable memories in childhood.

In Sifang Liqun Shopping Plaza, this conference also brought many benefits. On-site code scanning to participate in small activities will send new experience clothes, and you can participate in the lottery box lottery when you buy CREAM CRACKER in full. There is also a new product of 90 Mao wallet in the live broadcast room of SHANTOU KADYA Tik Tok. The scene is very lively, and friends and children passing by can't help but buy a few bags before leaving. The new products launched this time are inspired by Chinese culture. Full ears of wheat, rich peonies, magpies with plums, auspicious clouds, flowing water and rocks, these elements with Chinese traditional beauty gathered in the new biscuits, which are very innovative and make people shine. CREAM CRACKER packaging is mainly yellow and yellow-green of traditional CREAM CRACKER, which is very bright and elegant. Wheat flour, white sugar, peanut oil, etc. are used as main raw materials, fresh eggs, selenium and zinc nutrients are added, and imported milk powder is used, which has a crisp taste and rich milk flavor. It's crunchy in one bite, and you can also soak milk to eat it. Butter cookies produced by SHANTOU KADYA Company has been growing with generation after generation. You can eat directly or soak in milk. Friends who don't have time to eat or want to eat snacks, hurry! CREAM CRACKER of SHANTOU KADYA. is not only a business card of China and a signboard of Guangdong's export trade, but also a beautiful memory of several generations. "National Tide" wind products have been hot in recent years, and many time-honored products have also achieved "breaking innovation". In order to develop a new market for young people's consumption of calcium milk biscuits, new CREAM CRACKER products were launched, and at the same time, new CREAM CRACKER product promotion conferences were held in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi 'an.

CREAM CRACKER combines the concept of national tide with high-quality formula. The packaging design of this product is inspired by the broad spirit of Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, the company's R&D team has also made a brand-new upgrade to the formula of this product, which has increased the rich milk flavor of biscuits, crisp taste and good brewing performance.

SHANTOU KADYA TRADE CO, founded in 2005, has a long history of development. Today, SHANTOU KADYA TRADE CO is a key backbone enterprise in the domestic light industry and one of the top ten enterprises in the bakery and sugar products industry in China. In the next step, SHANTOU KADYA TRADE CO will continue to increase the popularity of Chinese CREAM CRACKER and polish the "golden signboard" of China time-honored enterprises.

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Post time: Aug-08-2023