About Us


About Shantou Kadya Food Co., Ltd.

SHANTOU KADYA FOOD CO., LTD. as China’s top food manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we have over 20 years of food production experience include candy,biscuits,oatmeal,drink powder and so on.Many years of experience make our food production supply chain is perfectly matured. We have a team of professional designers who has enough aesthetics for the brand and packaging. At present, the company possesses the sales,operation and procurement, technology, Research & Development team.

Our company has a number of independent brands and patents are sold well in WEST Africa,EAST Africa, China, Europe, the United States,and  other countries or regions, widely used in all kinds of e-commerce platform retail wholesale, offline and  channel shop agent.


As a rich experience food factory and trade company, we accept OEM, ODM, OBM services.Sending your demand to us, we can make the practical sample as you need in few days,so as your own product labels or whatever  you want to add in the packingwe can complete without any problem. Whether you are a wholesaler or a brand, we will help your business develop quickly with quality products and perfect service.

Our Advantage

1. Product line: Our main business includes biscuits, candy, cereal, beverage granules and toy candy to meet the needs of different customers and markets.


2. Strong supply chain: We have a strong supply chain, which can provide you with the required raw materials and parts quickly and accurately to ensure the smooth production.


3. Exclusive customization service: We know that every customer's needs are unique, so we provide exclusive customization service to create your own products according to your specific requirements.


4. Rapid sample making: For new customers or new products, we can quickly provide samples for your testing and evaluation, saving time and cost for your product development and production.


5. Strong professionalism: Our team is composed of senior professionals with rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and can provide you with high-quality products and services.


6. Efficient production process: We have efficient production lines and advanced production equipment, which can quickly complete a large number of production tasks and ensure the delivery deadline.


7. Excellent service experience: We always take customers as the center and provide intimate and professional services to ensure that you enjoy a worry-free and efficient experience in the process of cooperation.


8. Continuous innovation and improvement: We constantly pursue innovation and improvement to meet the growing needs and expectations of customers. We constantly improve our competitive advantage by continuously improving product quality, service level and supply chain management.


9. Good reputation and reputation: We pay attention to brand building, and have won the trust and support of many customers with excellent product quality, excellent service and good customer reputation.


Generally speaking, SHANTOU KADYA FOOD CO., LTD has the advantages of rich product line, powerful supply chain, exclusive customized service, efficient production process, excellent service experience, continuous innovation and improvement, good reputation and credibility. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and services, and become your trusted partner.

Sincerely invite you to join hands with us to create a better future.

New Research And Development Objectives

With the continuous upgrading and optimization of our products, we are moving towards high-end and high-quality to meet the ever-changing market demand. We know that the new generation of parents have higher requirements for the quality and health of infant food, so we will conduct targeted research and development to build high-end product lines, such as infant food such as milk powder. Our R&D team is actively exploring new technologies and methods to improve the nutritional value, taste and safety of products. We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, we will be able to provide healthier, safer and higher quality food for infants.


Our goal is to become the most trusted infant food supplier in the market and provide the best products and services for the new generation of parents. We will continue to strive for Excellence to meet their higher requirements for infant food.


In the future research and development process, we will focus on the following aspects:


1. Develop more nutritious, healthy and safe infant food formulas to meet the nutritional needs of infants of different ages.

2. Pay attention to the taste and digestibility of products, so that infants can more easily accept and love our products.

3. Improve product safety and hygiene standards to ensure product quality and consumer health.

4. Constantly explore new technologies and methods, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and provide consumers with better and more affordable products.


We believe that only through continuous research and innovation can we maintain our leading position in the market and bring more benefits and value to consumers. We look forward to working with more old and new customers to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the infant food market.