Faurecia Short Bread Cookies Natural Food 150g High Quality Biscuit(2kodp)

Faurecia Short Bread Cookies Natural Food 150g High Quality Biscuit(2kodp)

Faurecia’s Short Bread cookie is a classic and delicious snack, each containing 150 grams of cookies, which allows you to enjoy the delicious food and meet your snack needs.

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1. Unique taste: Short Bread cookies are famous for their unique taste. The crispy outer layer and dense inner layer give you an excellent chewing experience.

2. Pure raw materials: We choose high-quality raw materials and carefully make each biscuit to ensure the perfect combination of taste and quality.

3. Healthy and delicious: We pay attention to health. Short Bread cookies do not contain artificial additives and trans fats, so that you can enjoy delicious food while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

4. Easy to carry: 150g biscuits per pack are easy to carry, suitable for office, outdoor activities or enjoying at any time.



Whether paired with coffee, tea or milk, or enjoyed alone, Faurecia's Short Bread cookies can bring you a pleasant taste bud experience. Whether it is leisure time or sharing with friends and family, it is an excellent choice.


Faurecia is a brand focusing on high-quality food, and we are committed to providing consumers with delicious and healthy food choices. Our products undergo strict quality control to ensure that every bite can bring you a full sense of happiness. Choose Faurecia, choose the coexistence of quality and delicacy.


-Product name: Faurecia Short Bread long cookies
-Net content: 150g/bag
-Shelf life: Please check the date label on the package.
-storage method: please store in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

Faurecia's Short Bread cookies let you enjoy delicious food in your busy life, but also bring a little surprise to your taste buds. Come and try!

Ingredients:wheat flour,refined vegetable oil,salt,cream milk powder,yeast,sugar,leavening agent.
Storage conditions:keep in a cool and dry place,please eat soon after opening.


1.Net Weight:150g
3.PRO date: The latest time
EXP date:Two years
4.Package:The existing packaging or according to customer’s requirements.

5.Packing: MT per 40FCL,MT per 40HQ.
6.Minimum Order: ONE 40FCL
7.Delivery Time: Within days after receipt of the deposit
8.Payment: T/T , D/P , L/C
9. Documents: Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of origin, Certificate of CIQ

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