Faurecia Fox Cookies Organic Supreme Quality Superior Biscuit 240g

Faurecia Fox Cookies Organic Supreme Quality Superior Biscuit 240g

Treat yourself to a bake shop quality snack in every bite of these delicious Faurecia Fox Cookie. The cookie that started it all, these thin cookies are uniquely crispy and deeply delicious with a buttery taste in a classic cookie flavor. They’re sure to be a hit in every household. Serve these bulk cookies on cookie trays as party snacks, or enjoy the thin crispy Faurecia Fox Cookie as a simple, sweet dessert with your family. These baked cookies also make delicious desserts. Sandwich ice cream between two crispy cookies for an easy treat, or crush them to go into your favorite dessert recipes. These 240g bags are reclosable to keep the cookies protected and fresh.

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With each mouthful of these scrumptious Faurecia Fox Cookies, treat yourself to a snack fit for a bakery. The original cookie, these delicate cookies are crisp and deliciously rich with a buttery flavor in a traditional cookie flavor. They'll be a hit in every home, no doubt. With your family, enjoy the thin, crunchy Faurecia Fox Cookie as a straightforward dessert by serving these large cookies on cookie trays. Delicious desserts can also be made from these baked cookies. For a quick treat, sandwich two crisp cookies together with ice cream. You can also crush the cookies and use them in your favorite dessert dishes.

And we have four diverse flavors, and you can choose strawberry, banana, coconut or classic flavors according to your preferences. Each flavor will have a completely different experience but the same excellent taste.



1.Net Weight:240g
3.PRO date: The latest time
EXP date:Two years
4.Package:The existing packaging or according to customer’s requirements.

5.Packing: MT per 40FCL,MT per 40HQ.
6.Minimum Order: ONE 40FCL
7.Delivery Time: Within days after receipt of the deposit
8.Payment: T/T , D/P , L/C
9. Documents: Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of origin, Certificate of CIQ

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