Faurecia Cube milk banana strawberry choco 200pcs

Faurecia Cube milk banana strawberry choco 200pcs

Welcome to faurecia e-commerce platform! We are proud to recommend our latest product: square milk-flavored sugar, named “Cube”.

Every milk-flavored candy has been carefully blended to ensure that it brings you the purest taste and intoxicating milk fragrance. Our Cube milk-flavored sugar series has four attractive flavors for you to choose from: banana, milk and strawberry chocolate.

Each flavor has been carefully selected to ensure that you enjoy the richest taste experience. Whether you prefer the combination of classic milk fragrance and rich milk, or have a soft spot for the sweet taste of strawberry chocolate, our Cube milk-flavored sugar can satisfy your pursuit of delicious food. Faurecia brand is famous for its excellent quality and innovative ideas.

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We promise to provide you with the highest quality milk-flavored sugar, ensuring that each one tastes mellow, delicate and delicious. Every unique experience of chewing Cube milk-flavored sugar will bring you endless pleasure and make you memorable. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a delicious gift, Cube milk candy is your ideal choice. Their exquisite packaging design also makes it an excellent small gift. Whether it is a birthday celebration, a holiday party or a special occasion, it can add joy and sweet memories to you. Visit faurecia e-commerce platform now and buy your favorite Cube milk candy. We provide you with a safe and convenient shopping experience and fast delivery service. Join us in a delicious journey of milk-flavored sugar!

Storage conditions:keep in a cool and dry place,please eat soon after opening.



1.Net Weight:The existing packaging or according to customer’s requirements.
3.PRO date: The latest time
EXP date:Two years
4.Package:The existing packaging or according to customer’s requirements.

5.Packing: MT per 40FCL,MT per 40HQ.
6.Minimum Order: ONE 40FCL
7.Delivery Time: Within   days after receipt of the deposit
8.Payment: T/T , D/P , L/C
9. Documents: Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of origin, Certificate of CIQ

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