Faurecia Cream Crackers Natural Food 200g High Quality Biscuit

Faurecia Cream Crackers Natural Food 200g High Quality Biscuit

Cream Cracker from Faurecia is a natural food, which brings you healthy and delicious enjoyment. Each cookie contains 200 grams, so you can taste this delicious cookie anytime and anywhere.

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1. Natural ingredients: We insist on using high-quality natural ingredients without adding any artificial colors, preservatives and flavor enhancers, so that you can enjoy the pure taste of food.

2. Crispy taste: You can feel the crisp taste of cookies with every bite, so that you can feel the unique flavor of cookies when chewing.

3. Rich milk flavor: We specially selected high-quality cream, so that cookies exude a rich milk flavor and satisfy your taste buds.

4. Balanced nutrition: Cream Cracker cream cookies are rich in various nutrients, providing you with energy and satisfaction, and are your first choice for healthy snacks.



Whether it's served with tea, coffee or alone, Faurecia's Cream Cracker can bring you delicious enjoyment. Suitable for various occasions, such as breakfast, afternoon tea or office snacks.


Each cookie contains 200 grams of Cream Cracker cream cookies to ensure freshness and quality. Please keep it properly and avoid direct sunlight and humid environment.

Faurecia is committed to providing you with high-quality food, so that you can enjoy healthy and delicious food and feel our commitment to food safety and quality. Choose Cream Cracker from Faurecia, and let your taste buds walk with health.

Ingredients:wheat flour,refined vegetable oil,salt,cream milk powder,yeast,sugar,leavening agent.
Storage conditions:keep in a cool and dry place,please eat soon after opening.


1.Net Weight:200g
3.PRO date: The latest time
EXP date:Two years
4.Package:The existing packaging or according to customer’s requirements.

5.Packing: MT per 40FCL,MT per 40HQ.
6.Minimum Order: ONE 40FCL
7.Delivery Time: Within   days after receipt of the deposit
8.Payment: T/T , D/P , L/C
9. Documents: Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of origin, Certificate of CIQ

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